Foreground & Background

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[1] Foreground and Background
acryl on canvas
60 X 70 cm


[2] Still life I.
acryl on canvas
60 X 70 cm


[3] Still life II.
acryl on canvas
60 X 70 cm

portfolio slovenske na tlac.jpg

[4] Foreground and Background II. 
30 X 40 cm

portfolio slovenske na tlac-2.jpg

[5] Foreground and Background III.
25 X 35 cm

portfolio slovenske na tlac-3.jpg

[6] Foreground and Background  IV.
acryl on canvas
30 X 40 cm


The still life consists of objects, but also the background which I purposefully move from the task when it completes, to the task when it creates. The actors in the foreground are paint pegs. The gradually cleaned background gets to its base, where only thanks to two tones is the perspective determined, which plays with the idea of Space as a still life. I move the background away from the wall, I assign it the attributes of the foreground, ie. Object. Another inversion of the roles is the inlay from the pegs as objects of my still life. The last step was to integrate the pegs by distorting the perspective and removing the volume to the background. The volume remained palpable only in the shadows, creating the illusion of Something in the Foreground.