Michaela Moravčíková (1991, Žilina) studied architecture and now she is currently studying painting at the VŠVU Bratislava Slovakia. She is doing her master degree in Mal+by studio with Klaudia Kosziba. During her studies, she completed stays abroad in Newcastle and Barcelona. She focuses mainly on painting and drawing with graphic overlaps. During this process, she works with collages that are layered either thematically or materially. She stages the plot and includes monotypes, prints and other "distance forms" of work. She uses different types of materials as a powder colors, cement, organic glaze, glues, sprays etc. She is mainly interested in the penetration of living matter through cold rationality, instinctiveness and urge of body. Matter emerge in hints, in battles and enters into space. When the story appears in the interiors, she cleans them, leaves them at the mercy of light and the architecture gets into the position of a sculpture with the absence of function. She enjoys the process of the work itself. The physicality, rhythm and dynamic of the body. How spontaneously can hand and the arm do the marks and the strokes. There is the time where consciousness does not take over the creative activity and the artwork is not under the totalitarianism of the language. Sometimes she adds a friend to the irrational body. The animal with which she hunts, merges and makes love. The resulting work usually balances on the edge of figurative and abstraction. Sometimes one outweighs the other depends how much she follows the process or the imagination. 

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 VŠVU/AFAD Bratislava
2020 - súčasnosť       - bachelor studies – painting, Ateliér mal+by
2019 - 2020                  - Internal intership Ateliér mal+by ZS
2018 - 2019                   - Erasmus +, Newcastle University, Newcastle Upon Tyne Fine Art
2016 - 2019                   - Ateliér maľby III. 

STU FA faculty of architecture and urbanism

2014 - 2016                   - masters studies –  Institute of History and Theory of Architecture and Monument                                                      Restoration
2014 - 2015                   - Erasmus +, Universitat Ramon Llull, Barcelona La Salle 
2010 - 2014                   - bachelor studies – architecture and urbanism

                                          (7. sem. – Modul M8 Urbanism)


solo exhibitions: 

March - April 2021      - Confine in your animal, Flatgallery, Bratislava


group exhibitions:

April - June 2021         - Fragile, NBS Gallery, Bratislava

May 2021                       - Replant, Rosenfeld palace, Žlina

June 2020                    - Summer selection, Flatgallery, Bratislava

art residences:

November 2020      - residency at Soren, Bratislava

Apríl – Máj 2020          - residency at the station Žilina - Záriečie



2019 - How to conduct a research; Academy of Fine Arts; 1.3 public lecture in the Medium Gallery

2015 - Temporary city spaces, international architectural workshop, Lodz, Poland

2015 - workshop of (landscape) architecture, cityZhrada: View of Žilina

2013-2014 - assistance at cultural events Station Žilina-Záriečie, participation in the Good Market

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